Sod removal and NEW SOD planted (click this to see slide show)

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750 sq. ft. of removal of old sod, yard waste of old sod 1200 lbs., purchase & delivery of new sod, and planting of new sod… process:

750 sq. ft…. Fescue
1. gas powered sod removal machine use and return to warehouse $175 (cost by
    machine ware …hauling…labor )
2. removing sod $200 (if hill difficulty $100 extra to $300 extra)
3. yard wasting sod $400 ($1200 lbs. of 750 sq. ft.)
4. PURCHASING NEW SOD & DELIVERY $475 up to $600 by location
5. Laying new sod $300 up to $500 depending on intricacy of cutting to fit
TOTAL $1750 instant schedule  …with labor by schedule $1550

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