Retaining Wall – Firepit – Landscaping Hardscaping Project (click this to see slide show)


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1. Demolition of rotted wood ties and scrap yard waste and preparation of 2 eight foot sections of fence removal for deliveries to backyard project $500… —> 2. Purchase and delivery of retaining wall stones at $7 per stone 500 sq. ft. (secondary stone actual sale price $3.50 per stone)  with caps and firepit stone $1750…. —> 3. purchase and delivery of 30 tons of minus to fill former pool area to stop water retention then wheel barreling it into area (2 days) $1000…  —> 4. leveling of base for retaining wall and setting foundation of retaining wall stone and laying base of firepit and setting step blocks for walkout  $500… …—> 5. purchase and delivery of decorative 2 inch white rock 15 tons and red lava rock 1 ton with spreading 2 inch rock with a dingo bucket scooper $900….. —>  6. building retaining wall and laying caps and cutting stone for corners $800… —>  7. building firepit levels and concrete finish with coloring for steps $500…. —>  8. return of skids, clean up, removal of debris from project, and resetting fence line $300…. TOTAL PROJECT COST $6,200.00

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