Gardens of flowers and bushes… landscaping your property. (click this to see slide show)

Project involved planning, weeding, leveling soil, yardwasting, stonework landscape, purchasing plants, planting plants, mulching…

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* Planning included design mock-ups for landscaping design of beds at $200

* Weeding all beds and leveling soil in beds comprised of $300 with preen
powder weed control and placing netting in soil to prevent erosion on the
hills was $100

* Stonework in the landscape included design planning, purchasing, delivery,
cutting and laying stone digging into the soil.. $800 …2 triangles
stonework on the hills $2000

* Planning and purchasing plants, planting plants, and laying more soil and
preen powder weed control in all 8 beds $2500

* Mulching all beds with purchasing, delivery, and placement $350

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