Example of a lawn plan budget for 15,000 sq. ft. with a soil test for the front, back, and beds… we are into 3 years serving this client

2019 budget plan for landscaping

1. organic pre-emergent cost for 15,000 sq. ft. applied within the first two weeks of march… ^ CHOICES OF ORGANIC BRANDS

* cost of brand from arbico-organics.com $300 labor $125 (liquid form) TOTAL $400

* ANOTHER APPLICATION IN LATE AUGUST AT $125 (extra for time to rinse out sprayer after)


2. soil tests for the lawn back and front and for the beds separately… $75 each TOTAL $225 (good for 2019 through 2021 or 2022)

de-thatching …rental cost $200 (rental and labor acquiring)

labor de-thatching 15,000 sq. ft. $175. yard waste labor $50 TOTAL $425

3. seeding, compost, and aerator rental and labor for September

*. when seeding same day as aeration takes place with 5 star fescue adding

20% bluegrass for variety …

COST $275 APPLICATION $75. TOTAL $350 for seeding alone

*composting cost from st. louis compost is $40 a sq. ft. for organic …..1/4 is 12 yards for 15,000 sq. ft. of lawn …delivery is $95…..application is $200 to spread out on 15,000 sq. ft. or 1/2 inch is $300 (24 yards of application )…..TOTALS ARE $775 for 12 yards …$1355 for 24 yard) ……

* PRICING FOR COMPOST SPREADING MACHINE with taxes and time ordering

is $325 (choosing delivery and pickup by K&K is much easier on me and is in figures)

* aeration for rental and labor $475 (not doing group clients this year) will do next year


4. mulch application of 1/2” for beds … cost 250 … labor $300. TOTAL $550

*. calcium in Late may or early june… $150 labor… 6 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. is 2 bags at $70 each $140 for the

front only based on soil test

* weed kill natural for cloves is $125 application…after fescue plugs to fill in gaps for 7$ a plug bundle with

$2 labor per plug (unknown until gaps show weeds dead in lawn) the areas that need zoysia plugs in the back would be double the costs except for labor of $2 per plug

5. 2 to 3 applications of organic fertilizer for April, June, and September or only April and September of Naturesafe 10-2-8

$175 cost (3 bags cover 15,000 sq. ft. ) labor $75 TOTAL $250

* 2 applications per year costs $500 (3 apps. $750)

6. replanting all bushes/shrubs and plants needing repositioning and higher placement depends on quantity to be worked out …$140 per lawn mowing every two weeks or $120 every week… $30 edging and trimming

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