Your first assignment to work for http://Lawns-Gardens-Landscaping.com is to go door to door in the neighborhood you live in for a 20 block radius. YOU MUST FILL OUT THE FORM ON THIS PAGE FIRST AND HAVE PERMISSION FROM A CALL BACK IN RESPONSE TO YOU FILLING OUT THIS FORM…then we proceed to the steps below.

1. Ask for the landlord or the owner to speak to about lawncare and point them to http://Lawns-Gardens-Landscaping.com

2. Ask the property owner/landlord if http://Lawns-Gardens-Landscaping.com can call the property owner and receive their phone number and you email the phone number back to lawnsgardenslandscaping@gmail.com with the address and zipcode.  So, to repeat this step…

You must  email the name of property owner – phone – address – zipcode to: lawnsgardenslandscaping@gmail.com or you go on this site and fill out the contact form:  https://lawnsgardenslandscaping.wordpress.com/contact/

What you receive as an employee is half of the paid services for one month of that client…then you get paid by the jobs you do for http://lawnsgardenslandscaping.com