(ask for yearly and 2 year contracts)
soil test; $75 for soil test results plus $75-$125 for full season plan based on soil test results explaining its scientific analysis meaning

mowing & trimming [$30 (500 – 1000 sq. ft.) $1 for every 50 sq. ft. thereafter] edging is $10 extra for 1000 sq. ft. or less and $20 extra for up to 2000 sq. ft. etc…

mulching; $50 for removal of every (2) 8 cubic ft. trash cans of old mulch or ground [$100 cost and labor for every 15 cubic ft. of new mulch plus cost of mulch ….$20 for every 3 cubic ft. thereafter]

fertilizing; (starting at $25 plus cost of materials)

weed pulling and/or killing; (starting at $25 plus cost of materials)

lawn aeration or de-thatching; [$225 (500 – 2000 sq.ft.) $5 extra every 100 sq. ft.]

trimming of shrubs or hedges; (starting at $5 for one small shrub or hedge)

$50 for every 2 trash cans (8cubic ft.) of yard waste removal

planting or reseeding; (starting at $20 for 200 sq. ft. plus cost of seeds… $2 every 100 sq. ft. thereafter)

bug and/or disease treatment; (starting at $25 plus cost of materials)

irrigation system installation, maintenance, and repair; (bids given)

clean-up and hauling; and more. (starting at $25 by ranges of cubic feet)

Gutter cleaning and drainage installs (starting at $50 and up)

Landscaping & Gardening:
Gardens, Flowers, & Plants (planning and bid starts at $25)

food gardens [raised or ground (tomatoes, potatoes, beans, carrots, herbs, etc…)].        (planning cost included in total price) planning starts at $25

plants, flowers, & shrubs (planning cost included in total price)
[annual, perennial, barrier, self-seeding, underplanting, (monoecious, dioecious) raised/ground] planning starts at $25

planting (trees for food and/or landscape design) starting at $100 plus cost of tree

trimming (starting at $25)

removal (under 12 ft. starting at $200 above 12 ft. starting at $500)

Arbor, Trellis, Pergola, Gazebo, Belvedere, Decking, Patio, Fencing
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