Cost of soil test is $75.00 saving you hundreds of dollars because it exactly places your lawn and/or garden into a perfect plan for optimal growing conditions and soil needs.
Laypersons’ analysis of the soil sample giving you an all season plan costs between $75 and $125.

What does this soil test result mean? Read the laypersons plan.

1.MAY…weedkill…. (cost of product: $30.00 for the whole season) _____Application costs $10 per application…____Weed clean up $50 (2nd cycle $20) (3rd cycle $10). Weed Clean Up 1 week after application….needed 2 to 3 times or less between May and September) … Cycles of applying are 1 week with weed clean up and fit in between other cycles of seeding/fertilizing. Most of weed problems in the back are chickweed and/or creeping charlie having a decorative possibility for the whole square in the back next to the garage if you like the look of the weed.
2week pause between steps of weed kill and lime application…

2 .JUNE…Lime application to make the PH balance perfect… (Your at 5.9 now and will be between 6.5 & 7.0 within 2 months)…7 is a perfect PH balance… Cost of product $20…Application cost $30 (TWO APPLICATIONS)… 1 in June and 1 in October… Test report shows and instructs 90 lbs per 1000 sq. ft. and emphasizes only 50 lbs for every 1000 sq. ft. per application spread apart by 5 months is why 2 applications are needed in June and October.
2week pause between steps of Lime application and choice of seeding/plugs/sod

3. End of JUNE/JULY. step 3 has 3 choice combos (seeding/plugs/sod) Seeding of grass of your choice … I recommend Zoysia for sun areas and fescue for shady areas. (Of the grass you do have the report shows 30-40% fescue, blue, & ryegrass / 60-70% zoysia, buffalo, & bermuda…test results show these percentages because three samples are from backyard and one is from the front yard all mixed together as one sample ). Zoysia seed cost $40 per pound requiring cover and application costing a total of $100 + seed cost.
PLUGS ARE A SECONDARY METHOD FOR instant results requiring time to fill in its 6 inch spacing… 30 plugs covers 180 sq. ft. for $40 each and $50 application (for every additional plug set of 30 it’s minus $10 incrementally)….
MORE IN DEPTH OPTION OF STEP 3 REQUIRING NO SEED or plugs is SOD. A more solid option is zoysia sod strips to lay in avoiding seeding/plugging altogether. SODDING guarantees lawn results and this requires section preparation cost plus cost of the zoysia strips or grass of your choice. Seeding has nothing to do with sod…seeding/plugging is alone by itself requiring one to two years of efforts of seeding and reseeding with cover up to 5 times in a spring/summer/fall timeframe….. (zoysia and other grass choices of sodding listed below.)
Zoysia: 20×40= 5 ½ ft. sq. $10 each $15 labor each sod strip…
Fescue: 20×40= 5 ½ ft. sq. $7 each $15 labor each sod strip.

4.END OF SEPTEMBER. (FERTILIZING) is eight weeks after the options of seeding/plugging or sodding happens…. Material Cost: $20. Application cost: $50 THE REPORT DOES NOT STATE THAT FERTILIZING MUST HAVE A 8 week gap between seeding if seeding is your choice.


6.(2nd) lime application…after aeration

7. November…. seeding after 1 week of fertilizing…done until spring