Weed Control

lawnsTall grass trimmings from an unkept lawn do spread weeds.  This is why neighbors need a 1-2 week lawn plan and weed control for those who upkeep their lawn compared to those who do not upkeep a lawn.   Combined with what the wind blows onto a yard and what birds deliver … lack of care over time for a lawn has serious weed problems and effects neighbors who do upkeep their lawn.  These factors are the never ending facts that weeds will always be fighting your lawn… it’s inevitable.  Weed control once every month or two during a  2 week schedule mow is best by going natural first.  Draw back is natural is more expensive due to the speed chemicals can control weeds …even then chemical ways by us pros are expensive too…so you can imagine the cost of natural to be three times costly.

Below here are facts of natural lawn care costs by comparison for regular professional chemical regiments most property owners are with.  Also, timeframes of cool season lawn and warm season lawn weed control by chemical applications per year.

Natural weed control costs.. (this is only covering 40 weeds)  video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RYe2HeOcQI

1 tsp. tenacity per 2 gal……3 tsp. surfactant per 2 gal…. 2 tsp. lazer dye per 2 gal.
2000 sq. ft
minimum $79 eight ounce bottle 48 tsp. for (48) 2000 sq. ft. applications
minimum $22 sixteen oz. bottle 96 tsp. for (32) 2000 sq. ft.  applications
minimum $15 eight oz. bottle 48 tsp. for (24) 2000 sq. ft. applications

$130 for time to order and shipping.. application of this process is timely at $200 TOTAL $330 (depending on weed problem 2-5 applications per year) so….  between $700 and $2000 per year… like chemical allow 4 hours to dry 

16,000 sq. ft. has      6 tenacity applications per bottle
                                    4 surfactant applications per bottle
                                    3 lazer blue dye applications per bottle
Chemical regiment per year and cost: per application $100 to $150 …so per year your looking at between $200 and $800 per year depending on weed problems
THESE REGIMENTS BELOW KILL OVER 100 weeds compared to the 40 by natural..most harm from chemical is 4 hours to allow chemicals to soak in and not be harmful (i wouldn’t allow kids and dogs on the after spray for 3 days personally)