Weed Control

lawnsTall grass trimmings can posess weeds combined with what the wind blows onto a yard and what birds deliver.  These factors are the never ending facts that weeds will always be fighting your lawn… it’s inevitable.  Weed control once every month or two during a mow is best by going natural first.

Soils are the foundation for a healthy lawn; they are a living, dynamic, biologically active resource that provides nutrients, water, and oxygen to your lawn.  Natural lawn care promotes the life and health of your soil.  Several natural lawn care products add proteins that are beneficial to the soil microbes.  Through a combination of specific products a natural lawn care program promotes an optimal relationship between plants and soil.

Homeowners and clients need to understand that regardless of the type of care a lawn receives, there is no such thing as a perfect lawn.  Lawns maintained with natural products can become stronger and healthier.  In essence, all education about organic lawn care stresses the integration of good cultural management practices.  By going organic, you will rely more on lime, natural fertilizers, and other natural products than on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to correct lawn problems.  It does not mean we will never need synthetic products, but we will use smaller quantities of synthetics on your lawn and landscaping needs.